The Implosion of the Moral Third: Moral Omnipotence in the Era of Horror About Donald Trump – Ny artikkel publisert!


This article, while unsympathetic to Donald Trump, critiques the frequent tone of moral omnipotence and narcissistic display of good-heartedness in much current political discourse in the American psychoanalytic community. The author argues, from the perspective of a Scandinavian psychoanalyst, that the United States violated basic human rights long before the Trump era, and that the problems with the Trump era lie on a continuum with what came before, rather than suddenly crossing an unacceptable line. It suggests that there are dangers in seeing a bad other, rather than exploring our own dominant behavior. Invoking Akhtar ́s term “beguiling generosity,” the author cites studies of “moral self-licensing” that suggest that, paradoxically, people who commit a self-consciously ethical act tend to feel free to behave unethically afterward. It explores some dangers in taking satisfaction for being the good, critical anti-Trump voice.

Erikson Scholar Våren 2020!

Jeg har blitt utsett til Erikson Scholar på Austen Riggs våren 2020 for å skrive min neste bok. (Slapp av, jeg forlater ikke Hammerfest for godt. Kun noen få måneder.)

DVD Release 23 oktober!

The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy

Min dvd for The APA Psychotherapy Video Series, The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy, er nå tilgjengelig! Videoen er en oppfølging til min bok A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy. I dvd-en demonstrerer jeg pasientarbeid og diskuterer fenomener som internalisert undertrykkelse, selvavsløring og hvordan man kan arbeide mer etisk bevisst med sosiale maktordninger i psykoterapi.

Den kan bestilles her (kun for helsepersonell).