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Fors, M. & McWilliams, N. (2016). Collaborative Reading of Medical Records in Psychotherapy: A Feminist Psychoanalytic Proposal about Narrative and Empowerment. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 33, 35-57.
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Fors, M. (2018). Geographical narcissism in psychotherapy. Countermapping urban assumptions about power, space and time. Psychoanalytic Psychology. Download for free

Drescher, J., & Fors, M. (2018). A dialogue on cultural and minority issues in PDM-2 through the case of Frank. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 35, 357-362. Download for free

Fors, M. (2017). Hejdå HBTQ+-kompetens. Vila i frid. Hoppas du aldrig mer behövs. In T. Lundberg, A. Malmquist & M. Wurm (Eds.) HBTQ+: Psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande. Natur och kultur: Stockholm, Sweden. Bestill her.