The Implosion of the Moral Third: Moral Omnipotence In The Era of Horror About Donald Trump – New Paper Published!


This article, while unsympathetic to Donald Trump, critiques the frequent tone of moral omnipotence and narcissistic display of good-heartedness in much current political discourse in the American psychoanalytic community. The author argues, from the perspective of a Scandinavian psychoanalyst, that the United States violated basic human rights long before the Trump era, and that the problems with the Trump era lie on a continuum with what came before, rather than suddenly crossing an unacceptable line. It suggests that there are dangers in seeing a bad other, rather than exploring our own dominant behavior. Invoking Akhtar ́s term “beguiling generosity,” the author cites studies of “moral self-licensing” that suggest that, paradoxically, people who commit a self-consciously ethical act tend to feel free to behave unethically afterward. It explores some dangers in taking satisfaction for being the good, critical anti-Trump voice.

DVD Release October 23!

The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy

The Dynamics of Power and Privilege in Psychotherapy

Societal issues based in power and privilege inevitably enter the therapy room. In this video, Malin Fors offers a fresh synthesis of ideas to unmask these hidden dynamics and in the process improve therapeutic relationships and outcomes.

In this DVD, Malin Fors demonstrates and discusses clinical topics, such as voluntary and involuntary self-disclosure, similarities between patient and therapist, and internalized oppression, and then highlights specific moments in the demonstration session where client–therapist power dynamics come into play.