Friday Night Lecture is now available online. Course: When social privilege favors the patient

Friday Night Lecture is now available online:

This lecture will focus on the seldom-addressed therapeutic dyad in which social privilege favors the patient. Through her matrix of relative privilege, Fors will discuss how social power issues are inevitably negotiated in the therapeutic setting and how this process plays out in transference, countertransference, and resistance. Drawing on empirical research from other areas on how people handle sudden loss of privilege, Fors explores the implications of such disparities and explores playful (versus more narcissistically defensive) ways to handle clinical situations in which a patient is dependent on a socially less-privileged therapist.


Learning Objectives

Identify the therapeutic dynamics of the situation of “privilege favoring the patient”.
Distinguish between playful way versus malign narcissistic ways to handle confused subordination in psychotherapy.
Recognize power of Proxy.


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